Cold Cases in Polk and Lakeland

There are now a pair of detectives that are tackling many of the cold case files in the Lakeland and greater Polk area.


Brad Grice and Scott Kercher are the two main detectives that are tackling the cases and they will be overseen by Sgt. Jeff Birdwell.  These two will be backed up by homicide detectives, Russell Hurley and Brian Wallace.


Russell Hurley and Brian Wallace have worked on many of the cases in the past, as they were active detectives at the times that many of the cases were prominent.  There is a good chance that their knowledge of the cases will help Grice and Kercher put together some of the puzzles that have been left behind throughout the years.  There will be a focus on bringing new technology into each cases and also reworking the previously gathered information and evidence that the original detectives collected.


There is a very good chance that some of the suspects have let down their guard as time goes by and that paranoia may have caused them to make some errors as time has gone by.